O Mundo de Best

E o desejo da pedra

The calligraphic pen of the universe has prepared a plot in which three lives, with different purposes, intertwine to share their stories in a reality never seen before. GoueTier, Best and Pedra will open interdimensional portals, where the reader’s understanding of reality ceases to exist, giving way to the true feeling that governs life.

On the journey that you, the reader, will take through O Mundo de Best and the Desire of the Stone, you will be presented with the fantastic that the Universe has in store for us, but only those who surrender to playfulness and unconditional love will embark on this adventure and see the surprises of this fascinating trip.

O Mundo de Best

E a cidade da fonte tríndade

On the countless stages of the vastness of the Universes, the scenes of the epic saga of “THE WORLD OF BEST!

In search of knowledge, the young earthling Best – this time without GoueTier and the Stone is faced with acts – that continue to paralyze her human senses, still impregnated with distortions, but which, little by little, are being diluted and making room for the new . A wider and more spatial vision of an immeasurable Primordial Source of Knowledge of All That Is, flows in front of your walk in search of the real meaning of existence! Her “whys” are getting answers, the pieces of the grandiose puzzle are coming together with her new friends on the Planet of Haiag Best feels impelled in the ascent of her spiral of consciential ascendancy. Interdimensionality has all the windows open and the Wise young woman finally learns to use the dial…

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