In 2020 a sensitive told me:

– You are a Writer!
– But I have never written anything but poetry, I replied.
– But you will be! – she assured.

One year later, on January 10, 2021, I published my first book: “The World of Best and the Desire of the Stone”, I have just published my second on March 15, 2023: “The World of Best and the City of the Triad Fountain” and today, May 2023, I am finishing the third volume of the series “The World of Best”, it is a pentalogy, whose denouement I already have all in my mind.

I am alone, bearing all the expenses related to the writing profession and by the way, being a writer and being able to carry this dream forward here in my country is not easy at all, with the sales of my books, I cannot cover the costs with proofreading, layout, cover, printers, promotion, etc.

My literature aims to transform the world by transforming people through reflections, within playful and epic plots.For this, I need at the moment financial help, those who sympathize with my purpose, can share with donations through cryptocurrencies and pix, as given below:

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