Selma G. Santana

I have always loved to travel and explore the world in its grandeur and small details, until a certain time I looked outside and found everything very beautiful, in excellence a work of art, from whoever “we” made it.

In the search for some answers from this external observation of mine, I felt the need for introspection, to understand some distortions that in my view didn’t make much sense of being. The contradictions that the mind leads us to have and puts us in front of situations that we don’t want to experience, but curiously, due to our own choices, based on the external view of comparisons between our desires and the unbridled need to have them, we walk in a two-way street, always colliding with ourselves. And it was exactly on one of these roads, fiercely wounding me, that for a while I did not want to see the splendor of the LIGHT of the SUN, of LIFE! Life for a certain moment became meaningless to me, a dark moment made itself present, offering my soul a dark cell to lock me in, I confess that I got inside and without wanting to open my eyes to myself, I took the opportunity, I devastated my being, I explored myself in aggressive questioning of unforgivable charges, it resulted in nothing, getting darker and darker. That’s when I got tired and silenced myself, I just deeply longed for answers, any answers that would make me see the brightness of the SUN again, and somehow, this force of my desire, reached the SOURCE of logic and reason. A unique moment, the veil that darkened the cold cell tore and everything made sense to me. It was all there, inside me: worlds, universes, times, non-times, dimensions… to explore! Where everything was possible to create, and right inside me. And I, who once groped for answers where I could not find them.

Today, full and complete, I retire in the certainty that life has much meaning, that it is worth living each second of our eternity to the fullest. 

Selma G. Santana

O Propósito

I like peace, joy, fantasy, adventure and freedom, and storytelling brings me all these possibilities.

I tell stories. Around here I am free to tell fantasies and adventures with a lot of joy, bringing along messages that indicate a path of peace! It is high time to replace the stories of violence, revenge, and pain with fun stories of fantasy and adventure. Here we will take a trip into a fantastic world. Magical and playful moments will be narrated, with little drops of wisdom.

On a daily basis, we encounter in the media the side of our individual and collective shadows. We can pull the curtains of this dark stage and open the next scene with the light of peace. Place your hands on the Earth, feel the energy of this great Being of which we are a part. It is alive, it pulsates like us. Let us be the healthy cells of this great moving Celestial Body that sustains us!

It is not an impossible dream. I may not be able to be present in this same body that I inhabit for the moment on the day when there will be no more war, hunger, violence, pain. But if we start now, our children, our grandchildren, our descendants may see this world transformed. A better world! I think that if we discover the balance of our feelings and emotions, harmony will not give way to unbridled attachment to something or someone. This frantic rush in search of something to fill the immense emptiness that we all seek to fill makes us exhausted and sometimes without strength to continue this fantastic journey. However, when we listen to the voice of silence, in this hour, we will feel the strength of fullness. We will feel only the desire to invite it to stay in our being and live for us! Because, until then, we didn’t know how to live. We will discover that, without this greater force, we could only survive. Someone once told me that our feelings are traps. Today I understand that if we cannot master the feelings of fear, of lack, of loneliness, of attachment, of the need for power, we will live on the edge of the abyss of a chaos provoked by ourselves and by what the environment in which we live imposes on us. But we are not this, we are not this personality created by rules and conveniences that the system in which we live forces us to present to us.

We are much bigger, much greater in every way! When we look for the solution within ourselves, we will find this Greater Force that is at the same time within us and everywhere else, permeating everything! Let us hover in a deep silence, let us become aware of this greatness that dwells within us! Only then can we live in the harmony of love, of understanding, of equality, of sharing, of respect, of solitude; to live under the law of this Greatest Force; to live in peace with ourselves.

Selma Gomes Santana “The mystery of life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced. – Author unknown

Girl shaped like a woman with the natural brightness of the Libyans, this is our Selma. Friend and sister-in-law, or vice-versa, we always joke that “two crazy people” recognize each other and communicate in a unique way, which is perhaps why few “normal” people can understand.

Vinícius Meirelles
20 April 2023

28 years ago (1992). It was a rare case of instant infatuation. I could never get away from her again. She is a unique human being. Her spontaneity and playfulness, allied to an absolute frankness and sincerity, always charmed me. Her esotericism is innate.

Ludwig Wolfgang Peixoto
13 January 2021

With the gift of imagination, Selma, in just one conversation about her ideas, is able totransport her interlocutor into a fantastic world. Where she shows her perspectiveson life, love, and peace.

Selma has always been in my life, always using her playful abilities to turn a sad moment into a happy one, a difficult moment into a moment of reflection, and the good moments even better. And this, is the essence of Selma.

Ludwig Wolfgang Peixoto Jr
22 May 2023

The wind is the same, but its response is different on each leaf.
Cecília Meirelles

I met Selma in 2017. Our meetings brought the sharing of knowledge andexperiences, moments of searching for our own stories, of our journey inspirituality.

Maria Lúcia Bicudo
17 September 2018

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