With love and ethics we will build a much better reality

We, human beings, are the only ones on earth capable of transforming our own reality. Such power, once lacking love and ethics as the highest values in life, becomes dangerous. Love and ethics are the true values capable of conditioning human conduct. Love is the verb, the divine essence,...

Less dystopia, more utopia in our lives

Dystopia is a literary and film genre that has gained much traction in recent decades. The plots are driven by the interpretive imagination, departing from present contexts to create future portrayals. There is no taking away the merit of dystopian works, because they play the role of ale...

Reading is a complete sensory experience. Best's World transcends that experience

We can say that the taste for reading is a product of the habit of reading. Those who love literature have become accustomed to an experience that touches all their senses. Best's World transcends this sensorial experience, transporting the reader to a world where reality is alternative, ...

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